The Transcendental Meditation technique is based on the ancient Vedic tradition of enlightenment in India. This knowledge has been handed down by Vedic masters from generation to generation for thousands of years. This web site covers the life work of Mahesh Prasad Varma (later known as Maharishi Mahesh Yogi) and the Transcendental Meditation technique. Jai Guru Dev:)

All yo need is love. An Eyewitness Account of
When Spirituality Spread from the East to the West.

By Nancy Cooke de Herrera

thumbnailNancy Cooke de Herrera has led a life of subtle defiance, in order to live a life of great adventure, always in search of something more. Nancy has raised four healthy, loving, happy children, buried the love of her life, her second husband Luis, and wandered through the mountain villages of India - all on her own.

In this story, Nancy tells the intimate details of her life, which include her friendship with the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, founding father of Transcendental Meditation, and their time together in the Valley of the Saints with the Beatles, Mia Farrow, Mike Love, Donovan, and Paul Horn.

Her life story chronicles the growth of the Maharishi from little known guru to international teacher of Transcendental Meditation, and promoter of peace and unconditional love.

It is the ultimate eyewitness account of when spirituality spread from the East to the West.

This book is a fascinating autobiography. It is a captivating adventure. It is an exotic tale. It is a celebrity sprinkled true-story. It is one amazing page-turner of a read.

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